Welcome! You’re in our music file library, which has the PDF files for the songs that we host in our app, along with the specific product links for the GIA website to purchase the corresponding song that is showcased in our GIA songbook. Feel free to refer to these files so that you can practice the lyrics or brush up on your sight-reading skills.

GIA Songbook

A La Nanita Nana (W5000)

A Lullaby (WW1555)

A Place at the Table (G5677)

Across The Vast, Eternal Sky (WW1494)

All are Welcome (SATB and Unison Hymn) (G4166)

Amazing Grace (WW1681)

And Suddenly – SATB (WLG165)

Arirang (WW1670)

Armistice 1918 – SATB (WJMS1139)

As the Grains of Wheat (G3601)

Ave Maria (G3958)

Away in a Manger – SATB divisi (WW1489)

Beautiful Morning (WW1655)

Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (WW1760)

Bright Morning Stars (WW1718)

Bumble Bee – SSAA (WRG1020)

Bumble Bee – SSAATB (WRG1017)

Can We Sing the Darkness to Light? (WW1736)

Canticle of the Turning (G3407)

Charlie is My Darling (WJMS1173)

Circa Mea (WW1614)

Come and Follow Me (G5662)

Come to the Feast (G3543)

Come, Travel With Me – SAB (WLG162)

Cum Sancto Spiritu – SATB divisi (WW1637)

Days of Beauty – SSAA (WW1676)

Dayung Sampan (WW1742)

Ding Dong Merrily on High – SATB (WW1738)

Ding Dong Merrily on High – SSAA (WW1537)

Dona Nobis Pacem – SATB divisi (WW1656)

Dormi Jesu (WW1746)

Ecce Novum – SATB (WW1687)

Eit barn er fodt i Bethlehem (WW1620)

Elijah (WW1519)

Esta Tierra & Paso (WW1500)

Even When He Is Silent – SATB divisi (WW1579)

Even When He Is Silent – SSAA (WW1580)

Evening Prayer (WW1520)

Festival Gloria – SSAA (WLG167)

Gather Us In (G2651)

Gaude et Iaetare (WW1757)

Gaudete! – SATB (WLG149)

Gaudete! – TTBB (WLG143A)

Gone Home – SATB (WW1732)

Gone Home – TTBB (WW1707)

Gropen (WW1619)

Healer of Our Every Ill (G3478)

Healing Heart (WW1781)

Hlohonolofatsa – SATB (WW1588)

Hlohonolofatsa – SSAA (WW1694)

How Excellent Is Thy Name (WW1770)

How Good! (WW1503)

I Am In Love (WW1693)

I Am the Bread of Life (G5032)

I Dream of a World (WJMS1163)

I Feel Like My Time Ain’t Long (WW1140)

I Got a Song! (WW1772)

I Heard from Heaven Today (WW1740)

I Should Be Glad (WW1572)

I’ll Tell My Ma – SATB (WW1561)

I’ll Tell My Ma – SSAA (WW1649)

I’m Building Me a Home (WW1666)

I’m On My Way (WW1667)

Illumina (WW1696)

In the Sweet By and By (WLG130)

Jerusalem, My Destiny (G8956)

Kemo Kimo (W3028)

Koudjay (WW1434)

La Paloma (WW1383)

Land of Rest Acclamations (G4258)

Laudate Dominum – TB (WW1425)

Laudate Dominum (WW1675)

Laudate Pueri (No 1 & No 2) (WW1745)

Laus Trinitati (WW1804)

Look Up, Look Down (WW1589)

Love: Then and Still (WW1721)

Luminescence (WW1510)

Lux Aeterna – SSAA (WLG133)

Merciful God: A Ritual Song for Lent (G7587)

O Christ, Your Heart, Compassionate (G7249)

Quietly, Peacefully (G6718)

Send Down the Fire (G3915)

Soli Deo Gloria (G5176)

Take and Eat This Bread (G3768)

Taste and See (G4969)

The Lord is Kind and Merciful (G4081)

The Summons (G9837)

We Come to Your Feast (G4270)

Where Your Treasure is (G5443)

World Peace Prayer (G3627)

Yo Soy el Pan de Vida (G5032)