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Harmony Helper is the singing app that makes it easy to practice any song from the comfort of your couch.

Learn to sing everything from solos to eight-part harmonies with confidence. Harmony Helper provides the convenience and control of a 24/7 digital rehearsal room, revolutionizing the way you practice your vocal performance.

Whether you want to learn to sing harmony, or need a fast, effective way to rehearse a solo for an audition, we’ve got you covered. All you need to get started is sheet music.

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Why singers and educators love Harmony Helper


Learning to sing requires only one really big commitment: practice. Harmony Helper allows you to practice singing anytime, while simultaneously training both your brain and ear.

Rob McClure
Tony-nominated actor

Harmony Helper enhances the live learning experience, and offers an equal opportunity for students of any means to improve their singing skills.

Tracy Murray
Public School Choral Director, Music Teacher
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Person listening to real-time feedback using the Harmony Helper app


Learn to sing any song by adding your sheet music

Snap a photo of sheet music or upload a PDF, and you’ll be ready to practice in minutes. No sight reading or music theory expertise required.

Person using the sheet music scanner function within the Harmony Helper app
Person listening to real-time feedback using the Harmony Helper app


Get realtime visual feedback on your pitch and rhythm as you sing

When you’re ready for feedback on your performance, record your vocals. As you sing, you’ll see your pitch and timing represented on the screen and can quickly identify areas in need of extra practice.


Use volume controls to isolate vocal parts and more

Listen to your song in a variety of ways using volume controls for individual vocal parts, as well as the metronome and accompaniment.

Person using the Harmony Helper app to isolate harmony parts
Three people singing and performing together using the Harmony Helper app


Try our guided 5-step approach to learning and holding harmonies

Learning how to sing harmony isn’t about one song: It’s about how you approach the practice itself. Learn our simple approach and you’ll be equipped to tackle even the most complex harmonies.


Share songbooks with your group

With a Director Subscription, create a songbook and share it with a group of singers or students. Manage your songbooks on the Harmony Helper web portal. Contact us for educational or bulk pricing for large groups!

Directors can use Harmony Helper to share and manage songbooks with a group

"It's like having a personal rehearsal tool in your pocket."

Singing is most fun when you do it with confidence. That’s why we take your improvement seriously.

The mission behind our patented technology is to provide singers with access to a tool that allows you to confidently master your music no matter your situation, location, or time constraints.

We built this rehearsal tool with many genres and skill levels in mind: choral singers, musical theatre performers, barbershop singers, a capella groups, and others who share our passion for singing.

Harmony Helper Patents: #10217448, #20190096276, #20190139437, #10192461, #20180357921

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