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Re-Imagining the Entire Rehearsal Experience...

Save time

... by omitting your singers’ ‘plunk out my part’ requests. Simply upload your music in the app-we do the rest!

Scan, take a photo, or upload your sheet music via Google Drive or Dropbox and Harmony Helper creates interactive rehearsal tracks for your singers in seconds. Less part-plunking, more music making!

How Does It Work?

Prep Your People

... ahead of rehearsal so you can maximize the time you have together, and, ya know, make MUSIC.

Don’t just learn music, MAKE music during valuable rehearsal time. Harmony Helper is portable and user-friendly, giving your singers the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, no piano or music stand required.

Give Your Singers Freedom

... to practice individually and efficiently at their own time and pace, without the need for extra instructors and resources.

Harmony Helper was created because we know first-hand that every singer learns music at a different pace. With Harmony Helper’s real-time, visual feedback, singers utilize multiple visual and aural cues to learn pitch and rhythm. Sing along to the accompaniment, one part, or multiple parts by simply toggling any vocal line ON or OFF. View your timing and pitch accuracy as you sing.

Easily Manage

... your entire music collection.

With a few simple clicks, group leaders can create and manage songbooks containing their entire program and share directly with their singers. The portal and app is easy-to-use and compatible on both web and mobile devices.


... on all your devices.

The Harmony Helper app is easy-to-use and available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and on Chromebooks! The simple, clean interface keeps things easy for even the less technologically-inclined.

How It Works

The Group Portal 

Create and store songbooks of repertoire for your entire season on your desktop or mobile device. 

Add Songbooks

Upload an unlimited amount of music in each songbook, sent directly to your singer’s Harmony Helper app to get practicing!

Manage Members

Add or remove members to your songbook groups at any time. Enter their email addresses and we’ll do the rest.

Personalized Help

Rest assured knowing our team is here for you at any time. Reach us at and check out our Support section for a guide and answers to frequently asked questions!

Harmony Helper for Groups is Ideal For:

Explore Harmony Helper in the classroom.

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Explore Harmony Helper for music directors and choruses.

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Explore Harmony Helper for your worship group or community. 

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Explore Harmony Helper for your chorus or organization.

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Explore Harmony Helper for your voice studio.

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Harmony Helper is certified to work with schools and camps for children under 13 years old.

" Harmony Helper enhances the live learning experience, and offers an equal opportunity for students of any means to improve their singing skills. My students come into rehearsal knowing their notes. I get to focus on making their sound perfect. "

— Tracey Murray, Director

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