Harmony Helper is for
your rehearsal room. 

The Harmony Helper Group Portal saves you time and energy, giving your singers the resources they need to prep them for performance, while being kind on your budget. With our group sharing portal, you can:

  • create and share entire songbooks of repertoire with your singers
  • effortlessly make interactive rehearsal tracks [no piano needed] sent right to your singer’s phone, tablet, or Chromebook
  • give your singers freedom to practice wherever, whenever, with the power to customize their personal digital rehearsal experience in the palm of their hand 
  • have access to Harmony Helper’s tech gurus, ready to help your choir and you navigate the app’s features (we promise you’ll learn faster than you can say ‘Harmony Helper’)
  • store all your music in one place-never never worry about lost rehearsal tracks or assets again
  • prep your singers prior to entering the rehearsal room, so in-person time can be spent making music, not learning it
  • never plunk out a single vocal line for a singer ever again (^^we’re all about that one!)

To learn more about our special group pricing packages or how Harmony Helper can work with your company or chorus, Sing Out Louise! We’d be happy to help!

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