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Harmony Helper partners with music organizations and technology companies to expand access to music learning.

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Music Groups Program

  • ✓ Group Discounts
  • Music group partners receive group discounts on subscriptions to the Harmony Helper app.
  • ✓ Save Time
  • The Harmony Helper app equips singers with the tools they need to rehearse independently, making group rehearsals more productive and saving time for music group leaders.
  • ✓ Joint Marketing Opportunities
  • Harmony Helper offers co-marketing opportunities to help music groups increase exposure and connect with new members of the music community.
  • ✓ Equal Opportunity
  • Rehearsal studios and other resources for singers can be costly and inaccessible. Through the Harmony Helper app, all singers have affordable access to the tools and technology they need to reach their full potential.

Integrations Program

  • ✓ Improved User Experience
  • Expand your offerings by giving customers access to Harmony Helper’s patented technology and great features they can’t get anywhere else.
  • ✓ Increased Exposure
  • Harmony Helper’s Integrations Program helps our partners reach new customers through in-app exposure and co-marketing opportunities.
  • ✓ Custom Integration
  • Harmony Helper works directly with our partners, tailoring integrations to their needs and ensuring a seamless user experience.

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