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A Singer’s New Best Friend An App That Will Keep You Pitch Perfect and in Perfect Harmony

Harmony Helper was designed for both beginners and experienced singers who need a “24-hour rehearsal room in their back pocket.” The app guides beginners through a five-step process that breaks down all the vocal parts, singles out a track, and gradually adds the harmonies back in after the user learns their own part.

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Broadway’s Rob McClure Has Helped Create the App Every Singer (at Every Level) Needs

With the new Harmony Helper app, the Tony-nominated performer and Mrs. Doubtfire star turns an audition prep and rehearsal room dilemma into a solution for singers of all levels.

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"Expect Nothing, Be Grateful For Everything, And You'll Never Have A Bad Day In Your Life" Andrew Goren

Andrew Goren has some wonderful advice he's learned thus far in his life. Andrew has a drive that is inspirational and beneficial to listeners. This conversation takes some wonderful turns with what he is working on and what his hobbies are. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did having it! Enjoy!

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Harmony Helper App Acts as Virtual Voice Coach

The app Harmony Helper is launching to help singers rehearse their songs when going to a voice coach or traditional rehearsal just isn't practical. Andrew Goren, Founder and CEO of Harmony Helper, joined Cheddar to introduce the product.

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Tony-Winning Actor Rob McClure Introduces ‘Harmony Helper’ – A New Digital App for Singers

Promoted as “a singer’s best friend,” Harmony Helper is a brand new app designed to provide musical theater performers and vocalists of all genres with the convenience and control of a digital rehearsal room, accessible from anywhere, any time of the day or night.

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Harmony Helper App Developer, Andrew Goren, Returns to BroadwayCon With Big Improvements

In the 4 years since I discovered Andrew Goren's Amazing App, Harmony Helper, I knew that he was going to make it even bigger than before. He returned to Broadway Con to show off some of the new features, and we got to catch up, like friends. Please enjoy my ongoing conversation with Andrew.

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