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22 Entrepreneurs Explain What Being A CEO Means To Them

In a round-up article from CEO Blog Nation, Andrew explains the thrilling and humbling experience of being the CEO of Harmony Helper, and his desire to chart the path for other young entrepreneurs. Read More

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6 Reasons Why Startups Should Hire Employees With a Background in Performing Arts

In a byline published to HR Technologist, Andrew Goren discusses why startups should hire candidates with a background in performing arts. The article touches on their ability to collaborate, improvise, and manage their time well. Read More

Entertainment(X) Podcast

Founder Andrew Goren on Entertainment (x) Podcast

"Expect Nothing, Be Grateful For Everything, And You'll Never Have A Bad Day In Your Life." On this podcast episode, Andrew chats with Entertainment(x) host Clayton Howe about the founding story of Harmony Helper, his background in the entertainment industry, and the roadblocks he has faced as a young performer. Listen Now

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New Harmony Helper App for Singers and Choirs

Satb.Sk reporter Dominika Semaňáková positions Harmony Helper as an educational tool and discusses how its features offer users the ability to practice harmonizing without others present. Read More

Venture Beat

Harmony Helper will give singers a digital rehearsal room in their hands

VentureBeat reporter Dean Takahashi discusses how Harmony Helper will give competition to other music apps like Smule. He describes the “unique” sheet-music scanning feature and touches on how the real-time feedback feature of Harmony Helper takes away the stress of scheduling rehearsals with an accompanist to quickly prepare for an audition or performance. Read More

Harmony Helper Is Your New Best Friend

Lindsay Burton of Young Broadway News summarizes her experience demoing the Harmony Helper app at BroadwayCon 2019. Lindsay emphasizes the affordability and educational benefits of Harmony Helper. Read More